SMART Company for Modern Education

We Provide ways for overcoming common education/higher education challenges using the most modern and up-to- date strategies and techniques.

The SMART Company is founded by Egyptian highly experienced figures and academics who aim to have a sound impact in the development and modernization of education in Egypt, Middle East, Africa and internationally. This arises from the belief that quality education is the main factor upon which the prosperity of Egypt is built and that quality education is everyone’s right.
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We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after.

Programs and curricula design/redesign

SMART Company’s education professionals can offer support to higher education institutes including designing modern and efficient programmes and curricula together with their teaching and learning strategies.

Digitizing curricula and courses

It’s the digital era! we are here to mutate the traditional course content into a digitalized version. This could be developed in various forms including well-designed presentations, interactive lessons and animated artefacts.

Tailored Educational Services

Tailored educational services according to need (tailored according to need).

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