About Us

“We aim to be the providers of knowledge and skills needed to pursue a brighter future supported by innovation.”


The SMART Company for Modern Educational services aims to be the provider of needed knowledge and skills needed to pursue a brighter future supported by innovation. The Smart company provides ways for overcoming common education/higher education challenges in this era using the most modern and up-to date strategies and techniques.


The main mission of the SMART Company is to help producing world-class graduates and citizens able to compete and excel in an ever-changing dynamic world and to stand on equal footing with their international peers.
Smart Company is committed to fulfilling its vision using the most advanced teaching strategies and methodologies. This is carried out by highly experienced academics with international and continuously updated exposure to modern teaching advances.
The Smart Company supports updating and digitizing curricula/courses and using eLearning/blended learning in different disciplines. Training staff members and students by providing needed knowledge and hands-on practice on needed skills is also on the SMART’s priority list.


The SMART Company is founded by Egyptian highly experienced figures and academics who aim to have a sound impact in the development and modernization of education in Egypt, Middle East, Africa and internationally. This arises from the belief that quality education is the main factor upon which the prosperity of Egypt is built and that quality education is everyone’s right.

Prof. Hossam Badrawi


A prominent physician and a well known politician in Egypt, Member of the board of trustees of the Bibliotheca Alexandria, a professor in Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. He chaired the Education Committee in the Egyptian Parliament from the year 2000 to 2005 where he put the basics of Education reform in the country. He chaired the OB/GYN department in Cairo University and served as a board member of the first National Council of Human Rights in Egypt.

Prof. Nadia Badrawy


An Egyptian expert in Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education and a professor Emeritus of Paediatrics at Cairo University

Prof. Amr Aboulezz


A professor of orthodontics with a long experience in Higher Education. His higher Education experience involves experience in teaching, research, quality assurance in higher education, University leadership as well as cross border education.