Smart Services

We offer a range of educational services including;

Programs and curricula design/redesign

SMART Company’s education professionals can offer support to higher education institutes including designing modern and efficient programmes and curricula together with their teaching and learning strategies. Experts will be concerned with customizing programmes according to the institute’s vision, mission, graduates attributes and the relevant qualifications and credit frameworks.

Course design

We will help you to develop courses with engaging and interactive activities that are truly aligned to well-written intended learning outcomes (ILOs). Moreover, our specialists will provide you with a wide array of strategies for formative and summative assessments.

Initiation and management of electronic Learning Management Systems (platforms)

Loading your courses onto SMART LMS platform will dramatically transform its content to a higher level of interactivity. SMART LMS is equipped with lots of features and tools that support learning, assessments and the measurement of the successful achievement of required competencies.

Providing needed software and applications

We can provide you with useful cutting-edge technologies and apps for teaching, assessments and even design your courses. Our trainers will support you to efficiently use and get the most of benefit of these apps.

Digitizing curricula and courses

It’s the digital era! we are here to mutate the traditional course content into a digitalized version. This could be developed in various forms including well-designed presentations, interactive lessons and animated artefacts.

Digitizing exams and assessments and providing relevant security/e-proctoring techniques

SMART provides tools for online examination and proctoring using automated student recognition, Artificial Intelligence and human supervision if needed. One of the most sophisticated challenges in COVID-19 pandemic is running and invigilate exams online that could limit/restrict cheating and collect valid grades.

Training of educational leaders, staff members and students

SMART education specialist and IT trainers can provide comprehensive training sessions with hand-on experience on using SMART LMS tools, teaching apps and other SMART products. 

National and international validation and accreditation services (tailored according to need)

Educational Quality Assurance services (tailored according to need)

Tailored educational services according to need (tailored according to need)

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